Maverick Bret Short 9.15.17

The night I told Bret I was pregnant was a night we will never forget. I actually had a feeling I was pregnant before I even tested! I took a test that morning, and it came back positive almost immediately. I decided I would wait to tell Bret until after work- because I wanted to do it kind of special. I ran to Carter’s and found a cute onesie to surprise Bret with! When Bret picked me up to go to dinner with his family that night I gave him a gift bag with the onesie and my pregnancy test. He threw the bag in the back without even opening it because he thought it was a gift for someone else. When I told him it was for him- he opened it and he seriously thought I was kidding! But when he realized I was serious, he was really excited.

Fast forward 9 months. Pregnancy was the hardest thing I have ever done. I had SPD (Symphasis Pelvic disorder) so my hips and my tail bone hurt the entire pregnancy. To a point where it hurt to walk. At 39 Weeks Bret and I ended up in Labor and delivery at 3 a.m. I had been having contractions pretty consistently that night. They ended up sending us home because I wasn’t progressing. However, my blood pressure had stayed consistently high at the hospital, so they told me I would need to go to my doctor’s office to have it checked to make sure it went down later that afternoon. I debated even going to the doctor to get checked. But Bret convinced me that I needed to go. They checked it 4 times while I was there and it was still too high, so my doctor decided it was going to be best if I was induced that day. They sent me to the hospital right from my doctors office! I was terrified because I was by myself. I called Bret and my mom and they were both there in record time! Dr. Lamoreaux broke my water around 3:44 pm, and they started me on Pitocin. By 4:30 pm I had an epidural (best decision ever). They ended up stopping my pitocin because I was having too many contractions on top of each other. At 10:30 pm I was fully dilated and ready to push. I pushed for 2 hours! We didn’t know how big our boy was, and he got a little bit stuck. Maverick Bret Short was born at 12:37 am on September 15, 2017. He weighed in at 9 lbs 6 oz. and he was 19.5 inches long! His poor little head was bruised from getting stuck, and he was having a little bit of a hard time breathing after he was born. But after skin to skin, he was doing great. He was the most beautiful baby! ❤️ And we were immediately smitten with him.

Introducing Us…

Blogging can be pretty overrated these days. I mean, EVERYONE  has a blog. Right? For some, blogging is a career. For others, it is a hobby. Some blog about fashion and beauty tips. Some blog about delicious food and traveling. Some blog about their kids or their jobs. Some write about politics. Some write just to write-I am one of those!

My name is Lexi.. My sweetheart (Bret) and I have been married for just about 2 years-We’ll get back to him in a minute.  I was raised in a small town called Duchesne, Utah (It’s a real place. Look it up!) and my high school graduating class numbered a whopping 55 students! After graduating I decided to pursue a career in Cosmetology and attended Hair School in Orem, Utah. I LOVE making people feel confident and beautiful. I play the piano, and I can sometimes manage to play a few chords on the guitar. I like to read, and sometimes Netflix takes over my life.

Bret. Bret is the most patient man I have ever met in my entire life. Yes, I just used patient and man in the same sentence. I think I’ll keep him! He loves anything to do with sports! He is a very talented singer and he plays the guitar. Every. Girls. Dream. Or at least it was mine! Bret moved around a little growing up. He lived in Louisville, KY until he was 11, and then his family moved to Florida. Lucky for me, He ended up back in Utah for school and Graduated from the U with a Bachelor’s in Communications.

We were set up on a blind date December of 2013…I had pretty much made up my mind the day of the date that I was NOT going! My mother lovingly made me go, and the rest is history! I fell in love with him real quick, and somehow tricked him into loving me back. We were married November 2014 in the Salt Lake City Temple. We bought our first house September 2015, and we have a sweet Goldendoodle pup named Phoenix. She keeps us on our toes!

So, that’s us. Thanks for reading!



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